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Brighton & Hove AM | PM : an evolving project

Updated: Sep 9, 2020

Early in the morning and early evening are my favourite times of the day. Especially on the sea or in the hills. Here's a few images taken at those places.

The west pier was constructed during a boom in pier building in the 1860s, and was designed to attract tourists to Brighton.

The pier saw 2 million visitors between 1918 and 1919. Its popularity began to decline after World War II and concerts were replaced by a funfair and tearoom.

A local company took ownership in 1965, but could not meet the increased maintenance cost, and ultimately filed for bankruptcy. They could not find a suitable buyer, so the pier closed in 1975 and subsequently fell into disrepair.

Fires in both March and May of 2003 left its metal remains and subsequent storms have brought large sections of it down.

I wanted to see what was on the seabed, beneath this dormant relic of days gone by.

I am drawn to the coast regardless of the weather. Strong onshore winds produce exciting sea conditions. And I love the colours and tones that morning and evening light brings to this environment.

This work also features on Utility Archive's journal.

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